Monday, 14 February 2011

Adults vs. Teenagers

All around us, everyday, there are two groups of people that many believe to be different. Not so! Teen-agers and Seniors have a lot in common. If it's accidentally putting their shoe on the wrong foot or putting their foot in their mouth, there are instances of conduct that are very similar in both groups.
For example:
Both groups like to hang out at fast food restaurants and shopping malls.
Both groups have developed their own "walk."
Both groups like to wear clothing that doesn't fit well.
Both groups seem to have questionable facial hair.
Both groups listen to music that either their children or their parents don't understand.
Both groups tend to like their music loud.
The males in both groups are into weird hats.
Both groups are randomly accused of having questionable driving habits.
The females in both groups are into weird hair colors and strange hair styles.
Both groups are into strange or flashy clothing.
Both groups tend to have trouble parking.
Members of both groups have developed "selective hearing."
Both groups have a penchant for forgetfulness.
Many in both groups are not into safe sex.
Both groups ask for help around tax time.
Both groups laugh at the dumbest stuff on TV.
Both groups use their own slang to confuse other family members.


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